Waring Wellbeing understands that the hospitality and wellness industry is constantly evolving and its important for client’s to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in order to keep their business relevant and provide their guests with the best possible service and experience.

Our team’s combined experience having worked within six continents enables us to optimise our global reach, whilst leveraging our partner’s cultural and regional knowledge.  

Waring Wellbeing offer full turnkey solutions from market study and feasibility through to full day-to-day management.  Our comprehensive approach to wellness development includes expert consultation, strategic planning, design and development and ongoing support.  We work closely with out clients to understand their goals and vision and develop a customised plan to bring their vision to life.

Our services include:

  • The Business Case – Market Assessment & Viability Analysis
  • The Vision – Concept Development
  • The Blueprint – Design & Technical Services
  • The Implementation – Pre-launch Services & Training
  • The Winning Team – Continuous Management

- The Business Case -
Market Assessment & Viability Analysis

  1.  Exploring the Market & Ensuring Feasibility
  2. Inspecting the Site & Jump-starting Collaborations
  3. Analysing Competition to Develop Market Insights & Identifying Opportunities
  4. Strategising the Projects Success with Innovative Approaches
  5. Assessing Demand & Predicting Financial Outcomes
  6. Maximising Returns with Thorough Investment Analysis

- The Vision -
Concept Development

  1. Insight into the Regional & Global Spa & Wellness Markets
  2. Identifying the Positioning Strategy & how it Appeals to the Target Market
  3. Creation of the Guest Journey & the Project’s Unique Selling Points
  4. Service Platform & Innovations
  5. Committing to the Initial Look & Feel Recommendations
  6. Treatment Menu Recommendations & Ideas
  7. Space Planning & Adjacency Diagram

- The Blueprint -
Design & Technical Services

  1. Presentation of the Concept
  2. Space Planning with Relationship
  3. Architectural and Interior Aesthetic
  4. Specialist Consultant Recommendations
  5. Reviewing the Design Journey
  6. Planning and Specifying Operational Supplies & Equipment
  7. Recommendations for MEP Specialist Consultants
  8. Focus on Site Administration & Inspection

- The Implementation -
Pre-launch Services & Training

  1. Strategic Pre-opening Critical Path Planning for Success
  2. Creating a Progressive Pre-opening Sales & Marketing Plan
  3. Implementing an Inclusive Executive Recruitment & Hiring Process
  4. Sustainable Equipment Vendor Specifications for Efficiency
  5. Developing Inclusive Standard Operating Procedures
  6. Creating Equitable Job Descriptions for a Diverse Team
  7. Preparing through Inclusive Training, Set-up, & Simulations
  8. Implementing a Sustainable & Inclusive Operating Budget

- The Winning Team -
Continuous Management

  1.  Continual Improvement Management
  2. High Performing Operational Management
  3. Holistic Sales & Marketing Plan
  4. Evolving Collateral & Digital Tools Development
  5. Metrics-Driven Analysis and Action Planning
  6. Dynamic Operational Reviews
  7. People Empowerment, Training and Development
  8. Comprehensive Audit and Mystery Shopping
  9. Regular Performance Evaluation and Enhancement

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions answered right here

Our many years of expertise was gained in the luxury hospitality industry (resorts, hotels & residential properties), integrative medical wellness properties, fitness, spa and wellness projects throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Our team has worked on projects of all sizes from unique residential gyms through to prestigious hotels and specialised wellness retreats.

No.  We can provide you with independent, tangible advice that can be applied to any aspect of your business from initial conceptual stages through to design and fit-out.  

We can also assist you with the ongoing management of your property where we craft tailor made solutions focused on operational improvement or business model innovation.

Yes.  For certain projects we can offer on going management solutions. 

Yes.  We can assist in recruiting key personnel and specialised staff to operate your business.

Yes.  We are a leading supplier of bespoke fitness, wellness and spa equipment throughout Asia.  We can also provide you with a maintenance programme to ensure your equipment is kept in optimal condition.

Yes.  We have a team of experts at hand who can provide adequate training in fitness, spa and wellbeing modalities.  Everything from remedial massage, personal training through to qualified yoga and pilates instructors.

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